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Eric Georgeson

Eric Georgeson is a Senior English Major at Colorado State University where he focuses on Creative Writing. He has spent the past 5 years living and breathing Fort Collins. He has been involved in extra-curricular activities at CSU working in the radio and television stations giving him a good mind for what’s up in The Fort. When he’s not studying or working, he uses his free time to bike the scenic paths of Fort Collins or enjoys a good round of Disc Golf at Edora Park. He has also learned to make Horsetooth Reservoir a type of second home where he often goes bouldering, swimming, hiking, or cliff jumping with the occasional long board run along the winding streets. With the help of his lovely girlfriend, he has tasted some of the finest cuisines Fort Collin’s has to offer, from the Melting Pot and Jay’s Bistro to the lesser known and more moderately priced East Moon Café. Right now, he is in the process of fine tuning his band The Proletariats before they make their major debut, but he never misses a quality show at any of Fort Collins amazing venues from the historic Aggie Theatre to the beautiful Mishawaka. Fort Collins is a place where a lazy Sunday means a trip down the Poudre river in a tractor tire inner tube in the morning followed by a bike ride on over to eco-friendly New Belgium Brewery for a free tasting and ending your night with some good tea and hookah smoke at Narghile Nights. It’s the kind of place that Eric is proud to call home.
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