Red Table Cafe box Friday, Apr 9 2010 11:25 am
Posted By: Kristin Mastre

I've had a handful of business meetings over the the last couple of weeks and as a freelancer working from home, those meeting have been over coffee and bagels at local coffee houses and cafes. Sitting at solid wood tables, energizing aromas stimulating the process, brainstorming, networking, creating; there's nothing better to get the mind in gear than talking shop while sipping on a latte.

I've also enjoyed meeting up with friends to chat over coffee and brunch. Sitting in fetching little cafes adorned with art and pretty things, giggling over the charming and flirtatious antics of The Toddler, relaxing and learning new tidbits about friends; there's nothing better to satisfy the soul than sharing life moments while sipping on a latte.

Fort Collins is a place with an abundance of coffee houses and cafes, and that's a good thing. I love that there are so many options where I can mix business with pleasure. My brunch at Red Table Cafe was certainly a pleasure...

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Why dont' you have a twitter feed? It seems to me a twitter feed would compliment your blog nicely and make it easier for me to casually follow or drop by for topics of more interest.

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