Odd Couple Happy Hour box Thursday, Apr 16 2009 1:34 pm
Posted By: Julie Sutter

I love it when seemingly "traditional" organizations shake things up a little bit - and the Fort Collins Symphony is doing just that on Friday, April 17th, with a Young Professionals Happy Hour performance at the Hilton. Yes, you heard that right: "young" and "symphony" in the same sentence with "happy hour" and "Hilton". The FC Symphony is reaching out to a different demographic by presenting a Friday afternoon twist (and everybody likes a happy hour that includes a twist) on a conventional symphonic performance: they're bringing together a violinist (Guillermo Figueroa, who in the press photos looks like a classically handsome musician in a tux) and a percussionist (Simon Boyar, who appears to be a bald guy hipster with a whole lotta mallets) and calling the performance "The Odd Couple". Both guest artists will be on hand on Friday from 5pm to 6pm at the Fort Collins Hilton at 425 W. Prospect, and my guess is that they'll be playing right there in the bar/lobby/mezzanine area, which is also a pretty cool idea. Free music at your FAC and a chance to see some surprised faces at the hotel, I'm sure. Well worth the zero dollars you'll pay for admission.

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